Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vain is coming!!!! and latest Playlist 14.12.09


I recently got a new Iphone and have decided to transfer some of my favourite albums onto it.

I will keep my Ipod classic for new music and leave the older stuff on the iphone for easy access. Consequently I have been revisting some older classic 80s/90s hard rock.

Here's the older stuff I have been tuning into my cars' Aux jack-

Crown Of Thorns- s/t

Mr Big- s/t

Vain- s/t and On the line

American Pearl- s/t

Kingdom Come-s/t

LA Guns- Cocked & Loaded etc etc

Still plenty of new stuff that I have been getting into as well-

1/ Cowboy Prostitutes- Let Me Have Your Heart( latest sleaze rock album from this Swedish band)

2/ Milestones- Devil In Me (verging on album of the year it is that good. A real surprize Gem)

3/ WASP- Babylon (the more I listen the more I like it. Apart from the pointless covers this is brilliant. The solo guitar work is outstanding and this is the best sounding album they have done since Headless Cross)

4/ Alberta Cross- Broken Side Of Time ( fantastic alt rock with emotion, elements of Neil Young and Kings of Leon but better)

5/ Sorry & The Sinatras- Highball Roller (Catchy as hell punk rock with balls, Sorry is also in Wildhearts and plays Bass but this is his band and it is actually better.Imagine a heavier and Punkier Demolition 23)

I have ordered Vains previously Unreleased 2nd album All Those Strangers from Music Buy Mail ($40.00 odd dollars Aus). Can't wait to finally get a proper copy and Shelve the old Bootleg forever. Easily one of my top 10 bands of all time. How I wish They would tour Aus.

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