Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Years albums in high rotation (best of 2010 so far)

Been a while between posts but here is what I am spinnin' at the moment.

1/ Reckless Love-ST
Great 80s style H/rock done well

2/ Airbourne- No Guts, No Glory
More of the same from these Aussie Hard men

3/ HIM- Screamworks
Better than the last one. Saw them live a couple of weeks ago at the HI Fi bar in Melb. Ville was in a foul mood which spoiled the gig. Blamed the drummer for errors, complained about the mic stand, moaned about his ear plugs not working in the heat and just seemed he didn't want to be there.

4/ Audrey Horne- ST
Brilliant modern rock/Metal album with fantastic vocals (reminds me of Faith No More in parts)

6/ Year Long Disaster- Black Magic:All Mysteries Revealed
Improvement song wise from the debut. Puts me in mind of Wolfmother in their classic rock delivery

7/ Lifehouse- Smoke and Mirrors
Best album in a while. Bit heavier than recent efforts

8/ Brian Howe- Circus Bar
Classic rock done with an 80s sense of melody. Puts me in mind of Rick Springfield

9/ Treat - Coup De Grace
Fantastic riffs. Very Immediate with great songs.

Older Stuff I am Getting into-

Bulletboys- Freakshow
EMN (Every Mothers Nightmare)- Wake up screaming
House Of Lords- Sahara

Dokken- Under Lock and Key and Faster Pussycat- ST (both Remastered)
Brillianty done stuff from a dude over at Sleaze Roxx who takes older albums and spruces them up to sound more modern.

Finally got the Vain - All those Strangers and it sounds fantastic. Shame it never got released back in the day but I don't think it would have been the difference to make them a big band. The bubble had burst by that stage for hard rock (91) and the debut never really did much which doesn't diminish the fact both are brilliant. Hope Davey releases some new product this year (sooner than later)

Got some new books for my birthday through Amazon-
Andy McCoy- Sherriff McCoy.Hanoi Rocks biography
Stacey Blades- Confessions... LA Guns Guitarist
Dimebag Darrell- Black Tooth Grin Pantera biography

I will review these once read.

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