Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playlist 29.10.09

It has been some time since I last posted a playlist. Many fantastic albums have pased through my ears in that time, but here is what is currently doing the trick.

1/ Mama Kin- In the City.
Swedish classic 80s Hard rock sound. The lead vocalist puts me in mind of Paul Stanley. After a couple of good EPs this sounds like a fantatstic album.

2/Babylon Bombs- Babylons Burning.
Another Swedish band. You can definately here Chris Laneys contrabution on the production. He has not only made them sound better but has brought out the guys songwriting which I thought always let them down slightly.

3/Bon Jovi- The Circle.
Although this is better than most of their recent releases it is nowhere near as good as classic Jovi albums. Pleasant suprise though.

4/Wolfmother- Cosmic Egg.
Fantastic Aussie rock album which is as good as the debut. Brings in even more elements of Stoner rock and has a couple of poppier tracks which may find thir way onto commercial radio.

5/Grand Design- Time Elevation.
Huge Def Leppard sound also from a Swedish band. Great album but some tracks are a bit samey and the vocalist has a slight accent which is a little annoying.

6/ Rod Stewart- The Rod Stewart Sessions 1971- 1998 box set (4 disc).
Enjoyable stop gap until Rod decides to show some balls and do a real album not the covers crap he has dished out for nearly a decade. How can such a brilliant talent (early 70s especially) lose the plot by so far. Something to do with money I suspect. Even so this an enjoyable set which shows some of his biggest hits in a different light and features numerous outtakes from his career.

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