Friday, February 15, 2008

Mr Universe - Massive Appeal 4 trach EP

Mr Universe- Massive Appeal . 4 Track EP.

1/Massive Appeal
3/India's Wild
4/Not That High

Mr Universe were a Melbourne band from here in Aus. They were a great live act around the pubs and clubs in the early 90s that started as a bit of a retro 70s cover band early in the piece who later became a very good guitar rock band. This one and only ep features some very strong tracks, especially "India's Wild" which has a fantastic hook. For some reason they remind me of a heavier Enuff z Nuff (probably why I liked them, and similar in style to Mr Brown who came along later). This was released in 1993. Not sure what happen to the guys but I can remember seeing them at the Tote In Collingwood along with Starworld who were also a retro rock band at the time (I may post their 1st ep next)

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