Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Enuff Z Nuff- Demos 86 - 87 Vol 1

I have decided to start making some unreleased stuff I have available. I am also going to post some hard to find albums and Eps that my interest readers of this blog. I intend to make the stuff varied in both styles of music and location ( I have a lot of Aussie stuff naturally).

The 1st one is a albums worth of unreleased Enuff Z Nuff demos from before they were signed to a major label. This is volume 1 and I have another set if anyone is interested (drop me a line)

Song Titles as follows-

1-01 I Can't Get Over You
1-02 Million Miles Away
1-03 Cupid Is Laughing
1-04 Fly High Michelle
1-05 Falling In Love
1-06 Last Night
1-07 Don't Say Goodbye
1-08 Tears Away
1-09 New Night Tonight
1-10 Get Ready
1-11 So Fine
1-12 1, 2, 3
1-13 No Girl Of Mine
1-14 Don't
1-15 Heaven In A Bottle

Pass- lamagsroxx


Anonymous said...

It will be great to see here another demo set from mighty EZN!

garyabeels said...

Can you please re-upload?

xianrex said...

Argh! So close and yet so far! Please please?