Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hardcore Superstar- Live review

I made it out to see a band last Saturday night 02 Feb, compliments of my mate Johnny Gray. It is the 1st time that the Swedish sleaze metal legends Hardcore Superstar have made it to Australia. They put on a really good show consisdering their guitarist had quit only a week or so prior. Bloody loud i must say, which is probably due to the fact we were right up the front. The turnout for a Sat was a bit dissapointing but made for a comfortable viewing experience. Jocke is a brilliant frontman who has unending energy. The whole band were very tight. The latest songs from the new album translated well live, in fact i have revisted the album since and found that i like just as much as the S/T one, which wasn't the case at 1st. Song of the night for me was "We don't celebrate Sundays" which they did in the encore. The guys came out and met the fans afterwards and i went snap happy with Johnnys camera. They seem like great blokes. A most enjoyable rockin night

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