Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Preview Albums

Couple of new albums i have heard this week are Enuff Z Nuff- Lost in Vegas and a couple of tracks from the Long rumored 3rd album from Tora Tora- Revolution Day. The EZN album sounds promising, but one of my pet hates (and a sign that a band is stuggling) is that it has 2 covers ( a Beatles .. What a surprise! an a Prince cover). It also has a different version of a track from an earlier album. That is a total of only 7 new songs. The production sounds a little muddy, but the songs sound good, typical EZN.

The 2 tracks from the Tora Tora album (via Myspace- sound fantastic. Can't wait till someone finally gets this out. I still love listening to their debut album (which i have on record)

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