Wednesday, January 9, 2008

General Best Of 2007 List

It always amazes me to read the best of lists on internet sites with comments like "terrible year for music...." etc. My problem is that there is always too many great albums to narrow it down to a top 20 let alone a top 10. Last year is no exception with many brilliant releases in all genres. I am going to put down all the albums that meant something to me during the year and then narrow it down to a "Top 20", some time next week with some comments on each album.

Endeverafter- Kiss or Kill

The Showdown- Temptation Come My way

Snatches of Pink- Love Is Dead

White Flame - Yesterdays News

The Poodles- Sweet Trade

Snow- S/T

Los Angeles- S/T

Bullets And Octane- Songs For The Underdog

Chesterfield Kings- Pychedelic Sunrise

Crash Diet- The Unattractive Revolution

Destrophy- Way Of The World

The Erotics- 30 Seconds Over You

Down 3- Over The Under

Sixx Am – The Heroin Diaries

HIM- Venus Doom

Ingram Hill- Cold In California

Jaded Heart- Sinister Mind

Kamelot- Ghost Opera

King Zero- Inside Your Head

Midnight Scraper- Fast Side, Slow Side

Richie Kotzen- The Return Of Mothers Head Family Reunion

Hurt- Vol.2

Waysted- Harsh Reality

Fall Of Leafe- Aerolithe

69 Eyes- Angels

Gypsy Pistoleros- Wild, Beautiful, Damned

Hanoi Rocks- Street Poetry

Hardcore Superstar- Dreamin’ In A Casket

Hell N’ Diesel- Passion For Power

Hermano- Into The Exam Room

OneRepublic- Dreaming Out Loud

The Hives- The Black And White Album

Jimmy Barnes- Out In The Blue

Deadstring Brothers- Silver Mountain

Crazy Lixx- Loud Minority

Cinder Road- S/T

Southern Voodoo- Devil’s Drive

Airbourne- Running Wild

Symphony X – Paradise Lost

Ted Poley – Smile

Tokyo Dragons- Hot Nuts

Turbonegro- Retox

Ween- La Cucaracha

Whitestarr- Fillth Tillith

Will Hoge – Draw the Curtains

Stereo Fallout- The Other Side

Thirsty Mec- Sideshows

ETC…………… I think I could go on forever!

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