Friday, January 11, 2008

Playlist 1

Here is a list of current albums i am listening. Some are new and some are old.

1/Boozed- Tight Pants . Great German straight up rock album. Better than what Airbourne have done. Not so obviously ACDC.

2/Enuff Z Nuff- Lost In Vegas. A new EZN is a good thing. Classic band . Not a bad album.

3/Tora Tora- Revolution Day (finally got my hands on a MP3 copy). One word "Roxx!!!"

4/BLACK BAMBI - BLACK BAMBI .Sounds good for an album that was shelved by Atlantic. Produced by Beau Hill!.

5/Egypt Central- Egypt Central (new alternative metal band) Modern rock done well.

6/Avantasia - The Scarecrow . New progressive Metal allstar project. Sounds Huge!

7/Pillar- For The Love Of The Game . As good as the last. Heavy but melodic

8/Scott Matthews - Passing Stranger. Reminds me of the late great Jeff Buckly mixed with another deady, Nick Drake. Unusual but i like it for something different.

9/Bang Camaro- ST. Ever woundered what it would sound like to have 100 guys singing while guitars are riffing? Well here it is. Interesting but not essential. Sounds very much like video game music!

10/Scorpions - Humanity - Hour 1 . For some reason i didn't get into it at the time of release. But after seeing it on many best of lists i revisted it and it is very good.

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