Sunday, February 26, 2012

I am back and ready to rock!

Hey there rockers. It has been a couple of years between posts but I feel it is time to start blogging again. A lot of fantastic music has passed under my bridge of recent. I have also read some great rock bios. Top of the list would have to be the Tony Iommi book Iron Man. I really enjoyed his insight into the ever evolving world of Black Sabbath. Sad to hear that the reunion is likely to be delayed due to Tony recently being diagnosed with cancer. Here's hoping for speedy full recovery.
Other books I have recently completed-
Scott Weiland 6/10
Duff mckagan 8/10
Mark Evens (Acdc) 7/10

I have Glenn Hughes book on order with amazon so hope to start reading about the voice of rock soon. One of my favs

Music wise here is what I have been getting into thus far in 2012

Blessed by a broken heart- feel the power 7/10
Bruce springsteen - wrecking ball 7/10
Corrosion of conformity - s/t 2012 8/10
Kory Clarke - opium hotel 2 6.5/10. (spoken word stuff is terrible)
UFO - seven deadly 8/10

Dud album of the year so far ( and name for an album) - Paul McCartney - kisses on the bottom. What a dull and boring album of throwaway jazz style lounge music. Why do once great artists feel the need to tarnish their legacy with such middle of the road nostalgia I will never know ( see also rod stewart and the American songbook
series for further reference) I think it is just an indulgence because it is not like they need the money. On this album Pauls voice is virtually unrecognizable and weak. In all reality though he hasn't
done anything of value or quality for years.

Until next time.....

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