Thursday, April 29, 2010

Powderfinger Self Titled 1st E.P 1992

The Mighty Finger have called it quits. A rock institution here in Oz have decided enough is enough and are finishing up. Their latest album (Golden Rule- 2009) and tour is their last. They truely are one of the great bands and although it is a shame the cynic in me can't help but feel they will be back at some stage (when they need the dough I suspect).

Lead singer Bernard Fanning is sure to release solo material. His 1st and only solo album "Tea and Sympathy- 2005" was a huge hit.

Here is where it all started. Their self financed 1st Self Titled EP from '92 sometimes called the blue ep (due to the cover). This is not a great representation of the band but it's very rare. I owned this but sold it to on ebay (to someone in the UK) a few years ago for over $200.00 bucks. Not such a good idea since they are splitting up. I am sure it's worth heaps more now!!!!
Track listing
All music written by
Bernard Fanning, John Collins, Ian Haug, Darren Middleton and Jon Coghill. Lyrics by Fanning, Collins, Haug, Middleton and Coghill, except "Take a Light", written by Fanning and Haug.
"Take a Light" – 3:48
"Sacrifice (Blackjack)" – 3:15
"Freedom" – 4:00
"If I Tried" – 3:27
Save Your Skin" – 1:50
"Lighten My Load" – 3:05
"It's No Crime" – 3:28

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