Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hello Again!!!

Hell City Glamours

It's been a while between drinks for me as far as post go.I have been listening to heaps of stuff since last I posted. Saw HIM from Finland at Festival Hall here in Melbourne back in March (who are one of my favourite bands but not one of the most exciting bands live).
There have been many great Albums that should make my end of year best of, in fact I will do a best of so far (mid year) list with my next post.
For this one I will do a current playlist.

1/Motorhead - Motorizer 2008 (early listenings say it is right up there as one of their best)
2/Silver - World against World 2006 (Norwegian Garage Punk Metal with attitude)
3/Rose Hill Drive - Moon Is The new earth 2008 (mixed bag of sounds from this 60s/70s throwback band)
4/Midnight Travellers - 2004 - Old Rock, New Blood (ep from a Black Crowes soundalike band)
5/Candlebox- Into The Sun 2008 (good return although I prefered Kevin Martins solo album from a few years back)
6/Rick Springfield - Venus In Overdrive (Always consistant artist who has delivered again)
7/Black Crowes - Hotel Illness (Bootleg) - Live in L.A. '91 & Australia '92 (fantastic sounding live boot plus I saw them on this tour so it brings back memories)
8/Hell City Glamours - debut Album 2008 (fantastic local band with a Hanoi rocks meets Dogs Damour with a dash of LA metal a la Gunners. Highly recommended)
9/Harem Scarem - Hope 2008 (solid enough final album from these once mighty melodic rock merchants)
10/Whitesnake/Motley/Dokken- Still listening to all these Oldys but goodys latest albums. Proving that 80s Hard Rock Bands still have the goods.

On a local sporting note, let it be known that the Pies have had it and the Cats have got it as far as this years AFL premiership goes.

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